Rutas Ecuestres Oleicas


Requena is not only a privileged land for the production of wines. Its plateau climate, rigorous and of contrasts, is mixed with the proximity of the Mediterranean. And here, in these lands perched west of Valencia, when people's efforts and dreams propose it, everything seems possible. Few foods have the ability to bind us to the land, culture and landscape like olive oil.

And it is in this area of ​​vineyards, almond trees and olive trees that OliOli set out to make an authentic olive oil made by and for people.

Oli Oli

Visiting the OliOli oil mill is a complete experience in the world of olive oil. One arrives at the OliOli farm in the municipality of San Antonio de Requena, walking slowly through vineyards and enjoying the landscape. Here you have to leave the rush once you leave the highway. The field has its times and it seems that this journey wants to prepare us for the visit. After a couple of kilometers and thanks to the useful signs that guide us, we find the OliOli farm on a hill. Only the imposing figure of the oil mill gives away the place, which could well be mistaken for a modern home or a rural hotel, surrounded by more than 6000 olive trees.